Marios Visvikis was born in Athens in the autumn of 1980. His interest in sound became apparent at an early age, as a result of the defining musical influences of his childhood: from the sounds of the traditional music of the Epirus region, in mainland Greece, to the synthesizers of Jean Michel Jarre and the minimalism of Steve Reich, a vast field of interest would take shape throughout his teenage years and consistently develop ever after.

Inspired by his grandfather, engraving artist Yiorgos Velissarides, Marios was admitted to the Vakalo School of Applied Arts in Athens in 1998, where he studied graphic design. Soon after his graduation, he began practising the graphic designer profession, as he had been always following music, however, he decided to enrol in the SAE Institute of Athens, where he successfully completed his studies in audio engineering. In 2009, after years of exploring soundscapes and experimenting with instrumental timbres from all around the world, Marios set up his own business in Athens, the music store Amola Kalimba, specialising in various ethnic and bizarre musical instruments.

As a musician and composer, he has worked through his side projects on various musical forms and styles under the stage name Super Mario. His latest album, “Music for jaw harp”, was released in December 2015, introducing a set of musical compositions of minimalist orientation.